Monday, October 15, 2012

Writing Consultant Highlight - Lindsay Faust

Writing Consultant Highlight
Lindsay Faust


Lindsay is a sophomore Biology and Pre-Med major. Lindsay sees writing as important in her science-based studies, since writing helps her convey her ideas that could one day benefit the community. Lindsay also has a desire to travel the world and a preference for a "thriller," (and not of Michael Jackson fame) as you'll see. 

See below for Lindsay's insights:

As a writing consultant, you know how to put a paper together, but what is your writing process like?
       I try to keep things very organized. I make outlines and revise them over and over until I have a working skeleton for my paper at hand. However, as I start to write the paper, I always stay open to new ideas and concepts to incorporate into my paper. I feel that nothing is concrete until I press "Print."

Let's face it: No one is perfect. What is your biggest writing challenge?     
        I have the hardest time writing introductions and conclusions. In some of my introductions, I have a tendency to come off too strong. Yet in my conclusions, I sometimes don’t end with a strong lasting impression. It’s a mess. I know.
How does your major help you become a better writer? How has Cedar Crest helped you become a better writer?
      At first glance, science doesn’t seem to have many opportunities in writing. However, scientific papers on breakthrough research are written every day. Being a science major essentially pushes me to become a better writer because if I cannot express my thinking in a paper, I won’t be able to potentially make a difference in the scientific society. 
       Coming to Cedar Crest made me become a better writer by challenging me. In high school, I had always gotten praise for my writing, but when I came to Cedar Crest, I was challenged: the standards were higher, the prompts were more complex, and I constantly had to get opinions on my paper. Because of this, I am now more flexible with my writing.   
 What is something interesting not many people know about you?    
         I have a secret aspiration to be on the TV show The Amazing Race. I love to travel and am highly competitive. I want to travel the world!                       

 What is your favorite book? Why?
        I know it’s not a classic by any means, but I love Under the Dome by Stephen King. It’s a thriller that keeps you hanging until the last sentence. The book tells tales of corruption and greed and explores the true motives behind human life.

 What is your general advice to writers?
       When writing, always be yourself. Make your ideas come to life and write with purpose. Don’t let anyone hold you back.



  1. This is one smart woman - listen to her!!!

    Signed by her totally unbiased science geek - Uncle Gary :)

  2. Lindsay has proved to be a well rounded intelligent young lady.she definitely will succeed in future endeavors!