Monday, October 21, 2013

Writing Center "Magic"

Imagine: You have a VIP (Very Important Paper) coming up. It’s worth half of your grade; and you’re freaking out. How can your professor even give you such a task? Well, they did, so now it’s your job to DO it. So, you start writing down all of your ideas and have a pretty decent chunk done. If only you could make sure it was wonderful… Wait, you can do that, too! Take it to the CCC Writing Center!

Off goes your little baby. You drop it off and ask the Writing Doctor to do a whole body checkup. You’ll be back in an hour. Perfect!

Well…maybe not.

While that sounds great, that’s not how it works.

You see, the CCC Writing Center Consultants are trained to do magic on YOU not on your paper. Our goal is to make YOU the best writer that we can, not to produce the best paper that we can for you.

I know, I know. That’s not going to help you with your paper that’s due tomorrow. But that’s why we offer our services throughout your writing process. Consultants will be able to guide you at any point in your writing, which will help YOU to make your OWN paper the best it can be.

Now go back to that scenario: You have a VIP coming up. Whenever you have gotten stuck in a stage of your writing before, you have always come to the Writing Center and have understood what methods you could use in the future to help yourself improve in that area. Now, for this paper, you have a good portion done, and you want it to be the best that it can be. So you make an appointment and come to the Writing Center.

Now when you come in, we don’t have to focus on major issues like your thesis, audience, and organization; we can focus on sentence structure and word clarity.

Bam! Imagine that paper! It will be sparkling like an Olympic gold medal.

So, what is your job? Don’t wait to the last minute to get assistance, and be ready to take ownership of your work. Our job is to help you get there and to make you feel good about it.

Remember: YOU are the only one who has true power over your work!

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