Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet Our Fall 2012 Writing Consultants!

The following lovely ladies are our
Fall 2012 Writing Consultants:

Sophomore Nutrition Major

Hometown: Newark, NJ
Interests within her major: Cooking, Science, and anything else involving food!
Other activities: Swimming, Drawing, Reading, Music, Video Games, Running, Rock Climbing, SLEEPING

*I am a transfer student from Temple University, but after taking some time off and finding my way here, my credits would probably classify me as a sophomore.  I have a little catching up to do, but I’m thrilled to be here and on track at Cedar Crest as a math major.

Hometown: Quakertown, PA
Interests within her major: Teachers have always told me that math and writing are a dangerous combination because the interests conflict “too much,” and relate to totally different sides of the brain.  However, I really do love them both!  And despite their differences, writing skills can be tremendously useful in mathematics.  Being able to explain processes in proper detail allows more people to follow along and better understand.
Other Activities: I really enjoy creative writing, and the term “fiction” is probably my favorite word in sound and meaning.  I’m also passionate about art, reading, enjoying beautiful weather, and good company.

 Sophomore Biology & Pre-Med Major

Hometown: Coopersburg, PA
Interests within her major: Clinical research and mathematics
Other activities: Trekking, Hiking, Basketball, Camping, Traveling

 Sophomore English Major

Hometown: Bear Creek, Pennsylvania
Interests within her major: Creative writing, the modernist and romantic periods, folklore and fantasy
Other activities: A member of Preterite, OutThere, and the Marauders. Other hobbies include reading, writing, and gallivanting.

Senior Communications Major

Hometown: Bath, Pennsylvania
Interests within her major: Academic writing, business writing, gender studies, working class images in media, communication theories, research and analysis, journalism, sociology, interpersonal communication, intercultural/international communication.
Other activities: Alumnae Museum Show Curator/Coordinator (one of them, I also work with two other lovely ladies); member of the Delphi Honors Society and Lambda Pi Eta; listening to music while beasting out papers; spending time with friends; driving my car named Buster :D

Junior English Major | Writing Concentration

Hometown: Wrightstown, PA
Interests within her major: I am treasurer of both Preterite, the literary club, and Xi Kappa, the Cedar Crest chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. (And no, it’s not really that I just like money…though I do…people just think I’m responsible, I guess!!). I am also an Academic Tutor. Starting in the Fall 2012 semester I will be the junior (then senior) editor of Pitch: A Journal of Arts and Literature. I also love to work as an editor of the Cedar Crest student-run newspaper, The Crestiad.
Other activities: I have three Arabian horses that I show in the United States and at the Canadian Nationals. When I’m not at the barn, I like to play violin duets with my sister.

Senior Global Studies Major
Philosophy & Religious Studies Minor

Hometown: Orefield, PA
Interests within her major: Gender Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Communication
Other activities: READING (I've worked/volunteered at a library for the past 8 years, does that tell you something?), swimming, cooking, international travel, interior design

Stay tuned for consultant spotlights 
this semester! You may be surprised to see some of our answers...

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