Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Reading!

The last blog post addressed the challenge of summer writing, but for those rainy days when you need to be inspired, or lose yourself in another world, perhaps you should pick up a book to read.  Summer provides students with the chance to read books for pleasure.  While you may have thoroughly enjoyed your book on human resource management, algebra, biology, and Shakespeare, it is nice to choose your own book.

The used bookstore, Another Story at 524 N 18th St in Allentown, is a great place to start.  While ereaders can be great for people on the go, and traveling, sometimes it is best to just hold a book.  There is nothing that compares to the smell of a book when you open its pages to explore the world in a new way.  For a new book, there is the feeling of the binding as it begins to crease for the first time with your touch, and a used book can hold the wrinkles and folds of well-loved pages for years to come.  

From the classic masterpieces that fill literature courses, bringing an understanding to the centuries past and the lives lived during those times, to the current novels filling bookstore shelves that provide a different facet of the same revered stories, there is much to choose from.  Here are a few story ideas to help you pick some summer reading to enjoy.

Cedar Crest gives the group of incoming freshman a book to read before the school year starts, but this book would be a great read for everyone.  The title of the book is Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, by Courtney E. Martin.  If this is a book you would like more information on, I am providing the Amazon link.   
Do It Anyway

For some great classics, check out this list of 25 American classic books:  25 American classics

Still stuck, check this list out for more inspiration:  100 Novels Everyone Should Read

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