Thursday, August 28, 2014

When do you need The Writing Center

When do you need The Writing Center?  NOW!
There is a trend at The Writing Center.  Appointments tend to be few and far between early on in the semester, but as midterms and finals approach, the writing consultants find themselves booked.  Students panic, and papers do not get the time and attention they really need.
                                                                                                            While this has gone on for quite some time, in the end, it is the students that suffer.  

The semester has just started, and you may think it is too early to make an appointment.  After all, the essay you saw in your syllabus isn't due until the end of the semester, but this is where you are wrong.

If you find yourself procrastinating, and skimming by with a C, or happy with a B, you may find a visit to The Writing center earlier in the semester could help you attain a higher grade.  You may also find that the assignment is not as ominous as you believe.

Writing consultants are not here to just look over your papers and fix your grammatical errors.  There is a great place online called Smart Thinking, and they can do that for you.  Writing consultants are here to help you brainstorm, to show you how to make a strong thesis, to help you find your strengths and utilize them, while seeking your weaknesses to help you defeat them.  You can become more confident in your writing by working with a consultant, and these lessons will stick with you throughout your educational career.

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